Proof it

Generally, I take my guidance from the SfEP suggested minimum freelance rates for proofreading and copy-editing and charge from £18 to £23 per hour (copy-editing £23–28), but I'm happy to tailor my fee to the individual client and their circumstances and can quote a flat fee or per 1000 words if that's preferable.

You might think that my fees are slightly higher than some of the other freelance publishing professionals you've contacted, but please bear in mind that I've invested in substantial training to date, and am deemed to work at advanced competence by the SfEP. If in doubt, please contact me for a free proofreading/copy-editing sample (no more than 1000 to 1500 words).

Likewise, if you're a private individual or a company, I might ask you to provide me with a sample of your work, so that I may better estimate the length of time it will take me to complete the project and hence the cost for you.

In any case, do please get in touch and I'm sure we can negotiate a fee we're both happy with.