Proof it


·         Color Atlas of Neurology (Reinhard Rohkamm)

·         Diagnostic Imaging of the Foot and Ankle (Ulrike Szeimies, Axel  Stäbler and Markus Walther)

·         Tests and Exercises for the Spine (Peter Fischer)

·         Palpation Techniques (Bernhard Reichert)

·         Physical Therapy for Intervertebral Disk Diseases (Doris Broetz and Michael Weller)


Proof collating

·         Atlas of Breast Surgery (Diethelm Wallwiener, Sven Becker and Umberto Veronesi)

·         Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (Jörg Barkhausen, Achim Rody and Fritz Schaefer)


·         Ambulance Care Practice (Richard Pilbery and Kris Lethbridge) [in collaboration with Margaret Aherne]

·        Ambulance Care Responder (Richard Pilbery and Kris Lethbridge)

Please note: where a title appears in blue, I was the copy-editor for that project.