I was delighted to have Petra proofread my manuscript – the fifth edition of How to Market Books. No author likes to think they need editing, and having the obvious errors (single noun, plural verb – did I really write that?) pointed out can be a stressful, if not humiliating experience. Petra was tactful and considerate throughout, and her list of queries showed how deeply she was concentrating. At one point, while going through her list, I had to resort to a cup of tea in order to fully admire the extent of her engagement. In short, my work was better for her involvement, and I am very grateful to Routledge for allocating her to me.

Alison Baverstock, author of How to Market Books (5th edn)

Petra Bryce is a very responsible proofreader. She modified my dissertation professionally and carefully in spite of my large number of mistakes. And she worked over 30 hours in two days so that she could deliver my dissertation before my requested deadline. I would heartily recommend her to any person who want the comfort of a thorough and prompt proofreading!!

Stephanie, Warwick University

Petra, thank you. I was under pressure from my publisher and suffering 'second album syndrome' with my new book. 

    Your diligence and speed has helped me feel much better about the whole affair. Not only that, I am delighted that I was able to 'modify a noun' – I didn't know I had it in me.

Drew de Soto, author of Know Your Onions: Web Design

Thank you for 'speedy and accurate work, dealing with my irritating word processing program, as well as demanding material in both science and theology, in a hundred thousand word dissertation with 1367 references and footnotes'.

Philip I Chapman, University of Winchester

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