One of my earliest memories involves me having my nose stuck in a book, and in that respect nothing much has changed, except that these days I have turned reading into a career. Because I am an avid reader I will always consider the material I'm working on from both perspectives: helping the author communicate their intentions to the reader, and evaluating whether this objective has been achieved, especially when I'm working as a copy-editor or development editor.

Before embarking on a career in publishing I was a nurse for nineteen years in various disciplines, both abroad and in the UK. Throughout my time in the nursing profession I have always prided myself on being a meticulous, dedicated and diligent person, characteristics that will stand me in good stead in my second career, I feel.

I have a particular interest in fiction, especially children's/YA fiction and historical fiction. To date I have worked on over 200 projects for publishers, organisations and private individuals, ranging from adult fiction to general non-fiction and GCSE revision to German language teaching, from nursing assignments and journal articles to a range of marketing materials. For a full list of subjects and skills I'm offering please see my portfolio pages or visit my entry in the SfEP's online directory of editorial freelances; you can find the link to it on your left.

My regular publishing clients include Cambridge University Press and Icon Books, among others.

Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligations quote via the Contact Me page. I look forward to hearing from you.



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